Canada Post Prepares for the Coming Caliphate

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The other day I needed to get some information from Canada Post’s website. Upon opening it, I was surprised to see that they added new languages to the display options. Now you can use the interface in Chinese and Arabic as well:

2015-02-02 16_14_44-Canada Post - MailingWhen you click on the Arabic option, the site turns into a version of Saudi Post:

2015-02-02 16_15_43-Canada Post - PersonalNow, before the Muslim fanatics in Canada accuse me that I am a bigot, who doesn’t want to appreciate the “contributions” of their cult to the rich tapestry of the suicidal Canadian multiculturalism, let me explain something. Canada Post is a crown corporation – in everyday language that means that it is a government-owned losing enterprise generously subsidized by our tax dollars.

As a crown corporation, the only languages it should operate in are English and French. People who immigrate to Canada should be able to speak at least one of those languages.

If you go to the website of the United States Postal Service, you’ll see that it is entirely in English – there are no Spanish, Chinese or Arabic options. (Maybe Barry Obama will try to abolish English from the USPS site, but let’s wait and see.)

Even if we assume for a moment that we accept so many stupid Chinese, who can’s learn English and need special postal site in their language, there should be more stupid people from other ethnicities that need their mother tongue given as an option – and the Arabs are not the most numerous group. Canada Post needs to provide statistics why the ignorant Arabic speakers who don’t know English deserve better treatment than the speakers of other languages that outnumber them in Canada.

Is this done to facilitate the work of the “Palestinian revolutionaries” whose cause has always been supported by Canada Post’s labour union? Other than extorting the Canadian taxpayers and ruining businesses through their strikes, the union supported the infamous “boat to Gaza” and other crazy terrorist projects. And the management of that crown corporation never objected to its union’s support for odd causes.

We could see the union marching shoulder to shoulder with the anarchists and communists at Occupy Toronto.


Che Guevara would make a fine Canadian postman

They also have their lasting presence at the annual homosexual parade in Toronto:

You won’t want this postman to ring even once

You won’t want this postman to ring even once

So what’s the deal with the language options, Canada Post? Is it to let the noble ISIS fighters get their tracking in a language they understand? Or is this a preparation for the coming Muslim takeover when Arabic will become the only official language?

Canada Post, you are a Canadian company. You should support Canada. Accommodating Chinese or Arab losers who can’t read any of the two official languages is not winning you any fans. There are only two official languages in Canada. If your management is too dumb to figure that out, it’s no wonder that there are too many problems in your business that you can’t resolve and that will drive you out of business.

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The World’s Most Misunderstood Cult Kills Again



Another day, another Muslim terrorist murder. This time in Denmark. The target was a free speech event organized by the Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks. Among the attendees was the French Ambassador to Denmark.

It becomes more and more difficult to hide the fact that Islam is a club dominated by murderers, sadists, child rapists, and other subhuman scum, who perfectly reflect the personality of their founder. Of course, there are also the hundreds of millions of mythical moderates, who are supposedly much better, but their silence confirms that they quietly support the violence (otherwise they could’ve rounded up the thugs long time ago). Even the silver-tongued operative of the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House can’t make the followers of the Muslim death cult look better.

That menace is advancing in Canada as well, as shown by the recent court decision to allow Muslim gargoyles in full body bags to attend the citizenship ceremonies. It is only a matter of time before some of those repulsive fanatics smuggles a bomb underneath the body bag (naturally, none of the judges who made the decision would be harmed).

The terrorist act in Copenhagen shows how all concessions provided by the Brussels pansies to the Muslim barbarians make them only stronger and more violent. The news report says:

At least one gunman opened fire Saturday on a Copenhagen cultural center, killing a man in what authorities called a likely terror attack against a free speech event featuring an artist who had caricatured the Prophet Muhammad.

The shooting, which also wounded three police officers, came a month after extremists killed 12 people at a satirical newspaper in Paris that had sparked Muslim outrage with its depictions of Muhammad.

Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who organized and attended Saturday’s event but escaped unharmed, told The Associated Press he believed he was the intended target of the shooting.

“What other motive could there be? It’s possible it was inspired by Charlie Hebdo,” he said, referring to the Jan. 7 attack by Islamic extremists on the French newspaper in Paris. The 68-year-old Vilks has received numerous threats for drawing the Prophet Muhammad with a dog’s body in 2007.

Danish police said the gunman used an automatic weapon to shoot through the windows of the Krudttoenden cultural center, which TV footage showed were riddled with bullet holes. The gunman then fled in a carjacked Volkswagen Polo that was found later a few kilometers (miles) away, police said.

Of course, the obedient Western press won’t miss the opportunity to call the stinky desert pedophile “prophet” – that’s why we are in our current situation. Lars Vilks is known for his artistic depiction of that sorry excuse for a human being.

The good dog Mohammed

The good dog Mohammed

It is scary that I now know two people, defenders of free speech, who have survived assassination attempts by Muslim animals – Lars Hedegaard and Lars Vilks. In 2011 they both came to Canada for public appearances, but most of them were cancelled because the venues couldn’t provide the necessary security. The only organization able to do that was JDL-Canada in Toronto – the event went on as scheduled and no Muslim murderers showed up.


Lars Hedegaard speaking in Toronto

A couple of years later Hedegaard was attacked at his home by a Turkish Muslim barbarian, who fired at him, but in the struggle that followed, Lars was able to overpower the attacker, despite his age. When the wannabe murderer later made his way to Turkey, another Muslim animal, Sultan Erdogan, refused to extradite him.

While Hedegaard was quite reserved at the event, Lars Vilks joked about his situation, especially the attacks against him and his daily routine of crawling under his car to check for planted bombs (as the police advised him).


Lars Vilks in Toronto

He also joked about a bunch of Muslims from Kosovo who set his house on fire. I am not sure if he is going to joke about the latest ordeal that he barely survived.

As usual, there is not a peep from the “moderate” Muslims – and that’s not a surprise, they always admire the murderers who help them get more compromises from the pussified governments in Europe. Bushra Qasim Khan, a semiliterate Pakistani Muslim whore, who brands herself “Freelance & Impartial Journalist” (thank you BCF for discovering that creature on Twitter) expressed perfectly the sentiments of the “moderate” Muslims.

Bushra Qasim Khan (@BQ_Khan) _ TwitterShe tweeted: “Copenhago: Firing is continue. May Allah help those gun men. End the blasphemers.” It’s a pity that such dumb retards form the intellectual elites in the Muslim shitholes, but that shows what we are dealing with.

Muslim-reaction-to-Copenhagen-shootingThen she added (note how many people retweeted her messages):

2015-02-14 13_40_29-Bushra Qasim Khan (@BQ_Khan) _ TwitterAt the same time she urged the Muslims to remember their “sisters” on Valentine’s Day. This dumb whore is playing with fire – she should know that celebrating that wicked day, invented by the decadent West, would send every Muslim animal directly to hell.

2015-02-14 13_43_12-Bushra Qasim Khan (@BQ_Khan) _ TwitterHow much longer will our government pretend that nothing is happening? What is the purpose of allowing those fanatical murderers into our countries? Islam is not a religion, it is a vile murderous ideology and it should be treated as such.

© 2015

Monte McNaughton for Leader of the Ontario PC Party – an Event with Rob Ford



Last year the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario suffered one of its most humiliating election losses. During the election campaign their victory seemed guaranteed – they were facing the most corrupt government in the history of Ontario. Plagued by constant scandals, incompetence, fraud and simple theft, Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals appeared doomed. Yet once again odd election promises (and let’s not forget the relentless sabotage work of the various public employees’ unions) managed to sink what looked like a sure win.

This time the leader Tim Hudak resigned and now his position is up for grabs. The numerous contenders are vying for the attention of the party members and, while listening to many of their plans, one can’t help but wonder why they consider themselves conservatives. I simply can’t understand why turning the Conservative Party (they should drop the “progressive” part) into a carbon copy or pale imitation of the other two parties would make people vote for them.

It looks like at least one of the contenders is not ashamed to present himself as unapologetically conservative. Monte McNaughton, an MPP from London (Ontario) thinks that he is capable of pulling the party out of the deep swamp. I read some of his campaign materials and – what was even better – I heard that he was endorsed by Councillor Rob Ford, our former Mayor.

So yesterday I had the chance to see him for the first time – at a public event he introduced his views and officially started his leadership campaign. The best part was that Rob Ford was a major force behind (and during) the event.

We arrived about an hour earlier and Rob was already there – walking around and arranging the details. We had the chance to talk to him before most of the people have showed up. Considering the heavy snowfall, the turnout was significant (though many arrived late due to the snow).


Rob Ford at the event

When asked how he felt, Rob said that he was feeling good and it appeared so after watching him carefully. He was upbeat and energetic, and walked around tirelessly for the most of the night. He looked great and probably lost some weight. Because of his condition, in which it is not advisable to catch cold or other infectious disease, he kept the close contact to a minimum and most of the time avoided hugs and shaking hands. His wife Renata brought the kids, who were running around most of the time and were happy to be around their dad.


Rob Ford and Dougie make an announcement


Mrs. Ford

They even brought quite a lot of Rob Ford’s bobble heads (to benefit the charity of the hospital which treats him) and all of them were sold.

An hour after we came, when the hall was already full, Monte McNaughton and his wife arrived. They spent nearly half an hour introducing themselves and talking with the people.


Dr. Charles McVety with Monte McNaughton

Monte was introduced by Rob Ford. It was a passionate introduction, in which he emphasized that he was a self-made man, involved in a small business. His ideas were truly conservative – not only was he responsible with other people’s money and supporter of transparency, but he also considered upholding family values a major part of a politician’s obligations. He also said how important it is that everybody eligible to vote for the party leadership register for the vote and actually go to the polling station in May to cast a ballot for Monte.


Rob Ford introduces Monte McNaughton

In the video below you can see Rob Ford’s introduction:

In his speech Monte said how important it is to restore the conservatism in the party – adopting policies that would make it a copy of the Liberal Party is not going to help, even though many think that this is the way to win Toronto. A few years ago Rob Ford proved that a conservative can win Toronto and implement conservative policies, which are fiscally responsible. It is time to bring the respect to the taxpayers to the provincial politics.

He advocated the abolishment of Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario registered pension plan (and refund the payments into it) – it is an unnecessary financial scheme, which is a burden on the finances of the taxpayers and their employers. If you are 30-years old or older, you won’t even collect any benefits. It is very important to balance the budget without creating more tax burdens – that is a hard work, because the budget is not going to balance itself. He also opposed any secret decisions and surprise promises, which were common under the previous party leadership – everything must be transparent.

Monte wants also to restore the respect for parents, who have the right to know what their children are taught and decide whether it is beneficial. He gave an example with the new secretive sex education curriculum, which Wynne’s government flatly refused to reveal or even explain, despite the numerous requests of Monte McNaughton.

More details about Monte’s political platform can be found at his website.

Here you can see his speech:

The evening continued for another two hours – with discussions and more conversations among the people, who kept arriving even after the speeches.


The talks continue


Near the end of the event

© 2015

It’s Perfectly Acceptable in Islam to Burn People Alive



The Muslim animals from ISIS released another gruesome video showing how they got rid of one of the last remaining valuable hostages they had. In it you can see the Jordanian military pilot Maaz al-Kassasbeh being burned alive in a cage.

jordan-pilot-burningThe problem when covering the numerous acts of unspeakable Muslim barbarism is that eventually you run out of words to describe and condemn them. There are simply not enough words in the English language to describe the depravity of that cult – when you think that they have reached the bottom, they manage to come up with an atrocity, which eclipses anything that they have done before. And all of the limited set of words to picture the unspeakable horror has been used, so you have to use them again.

As of this writing, the stampede of opinions trying to distance the act of burning a human being alive from the “noble religion” of Islam is just starting. Barry Obama, the world’s Muslim ass-licker-in-chief is still waiting for the talking points drafted by his mentors from the Muslim Brotherhood, who will convey through him that the beautiful Islam has absolutely and definitely nothing to do with the latest ISIS atrocity. That will be followed by similar statements by the Brussels pansies and calls from the worldwide lefties to help Muslims not to feel bad because of what their terrorist brethren have done.

As usual, the Muslims of the world will be presented as creatures of pure innocence, while the ISIS fighters will end up as the usual punching ball blamed for everything, especially for perverting Islam.

Well, I beg to differ and for a change I would like to defend ISIS’s position. Blaming them that they distort Islam is an utterly unfair accusation. When you follow and analyse their actions, it is not hard to notice that they try to do their best to adhere to the Muslims scriptures (and unlike other religions, in Islam every letter of the scriptures should be taken literally as an immutable law received directly from their god).

The structure of their Caliphate; the strict sharia law; the way they treat infidels and slaves; the stonings and throwing homosexuals from the roofs – all that is based on the scriptures, which ISIS follows diligently.

Even the burning of the Jordanian pilot, which many saw as a whimsical action in the spirit of Marquis de Sade, is not original – it follows specific instructions handed down by the “prophet” of Islam. In addition to the Koran, the Muslims have a large body of scriptures, which are just as holy and mandatory to obey. Part of that body is the Hadith, which gives as the views of Old Mo, conveyed by his “companions” who followed him during his life. In the book Sahih Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 11 (which deals with prayer), Number 626, one of Mo’s friends shares his words:

Narrated Abu Huraira:
The Prophet said, “No prayer is harder for the hypocrites than the Fajr and the ‘Isha’ prayers and if they knew the reward for these prayers at their respective times, they would certainly present themselves (in the mosques) even if they had to crawl.” The Prophet added, “Certainly I decided to order the Mu’adh-dhin (call-maker) to pronounce Iqama and order a man to lead the prayer and then take a fire flame to burn all those who had not left their houses so far for the prayer along with their houses.”

This is an official translation used in many places, like the full text of Sahih Buhari and at a comprehensive scripture site of the University of Southern California (maintained by a bunch of self-hating suicidal Jews from a “Center for Muslim-Jewish Engagement, a Partnership between the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Omar Ibn Al Khattab Foundation, & USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture”).

As you can see, Mo is seriously pissed off that somebody could forsake the wonderful opportunity to sniff the feet of the guy who is lifting his ass in front of him on the mosque’s floor and stay home. And his prophetic mind sees it as something perfectly acceptable that the imam of the mosque, once he finishes, would lead the others to burn the people, who skipped the prayer, along with their houses. (Is this the reason why the worst Muslim mass atrocities take place after the Friday prayers?)

In case somebody tries to dust off the ancient legal code from Leviticus, and shove it in my face, let me note that nobody in his right mind would try to implement today that archaic tribal law, other than some mad rabbi committed to a mental institution. On the other hand, every word in the Muslim books is sacred and unchangeable. However, most Muslims would lie or keep quiet about those requirements of their faith.

That’s why I respect the way ISIS operates – they are absolutely honest and consistent in following and implementing the scriptures of Islam. They provide an extremely valuable service to mankind – they show us exactly what is going to happen and how we will be treated when the Caliphate conquers the world and sharia law is imposed everywhere.

Yes, they may look mad and insane, but that’s just because they follow the screed of a guy was also mad and insane. Christianity needed nearly 300 hundred years to establish itself through preaching and persuasion, from the death of Jesus to its acceptance as a state religion in Armenia. It took just a few short years for Mohammed to establish his cult through violence, which he pursued with the psychopathic zeal of a Ted Bundy. And his successors faithfully continue the fight with the same psychopathic tools, which still are very effective.

It is difficult to compete with people, who want to destroy you completely, if you don’t submit to their cult. That’s the most valuable lesson that ISIS has taught us (and continues to teach) – if we don’t see Islam for what it is – an aggressive and destructive political ideology masked as religion – and don’t fight it heads-on, we as a civilization are signing our own death sentence.

© 2015

It’s a War – Japan Must Face Islam



The Japanese mainstream media and political class have always tried to keep Japan out of any political controversies. That has resulted in the pitiful reality where one of the most powerful countries in the world (in terms of economic development) has the political influence of a second-class state. The recent clash with reality, displayed in the hostage crisis, sucked Japan against its will into the vortex of the world’s worst political problems.

When the Muslim animals from ISIS captured and beheaded two Japanese nationals – Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa – and paraded them before and after the execution in their infamous video propaganda, Japan was unprepared to face the situation. The fact that ISIS demanded a ransom of $200 million underlined both the strength and the weakness of Japan – the terrorists took into account the fact that Japan is an enormously rich country and at the same time is a political midget that could do absolutely nothing to free its citizens.

The terrorists were correct: unlike Israel, which years ago freed its hijacked airplane in the famous Entebbe operation, Japan didn’t have even the faintest chance to do something similar. All because of the ridiculous Article 9 in the Japanese Constitution, which prevents the Japanese army from getting involved in any action outside of Japan. This is a humiliating arrangement stopping Japan from conducting any defense actions – they can’t even use the army to protect members of their government travelling abroad.

The constitution was hastily drafted and adopted under the American occupation after World War II. Obviously, it purpose was to change drastically the balance of power in the Far East and neutralize Japan as a military power after the horrors of the war. The process was not unlike the “de-Nazification” of Germany and was supposed to instil a perpetual feeling of guilt in the Japanese and turn the proud samurai nation into a mass of docile workers. (That was the purpose of the infamous “War Guilt Information Program” imposed by the occupational administration of General Douglas McArthur, the de facto “Emperor” of Japan for about 7 years). In return, they were receiving the protection of the USA from their bases in the occupied Japanese territories, like Okinawa.

The process worked – surprisingly, Japan turned into a mighty economic force, while remaining passive politically under the American defense umbrella. Neither General McArthur, nor Truman and Eisenhower imagined at the time that Japan will become their only faithful ally in the region and will eventually be betrayed by the weakness of Barack Obama, the first affirmative action President.

Unfortunately, the masses in Japan never thought about the bargain that their government and the occupiers got them into. Countless people still think that all that Japan has achieved after the war was due to the country’s pacifism and if they kick out the Americans, things would get even better. The fact that after the end of the Cold War Japan has to deal with the increasingly aggressive economic powers of China and South Korea, and the always present insane regime of North Korea, still hasn’t registered in the minds of those products of the American-Japanese pacifism.

The final outcome is a generation, which would rather see their country destroyed than take up arms and defend it. The results of a survey, quoted by Japan Times earlier this year, are beyond lamentable:

Japanese ranked the lowest in their “willingness to fight for country” in a global poll released last year by the World Values Survey.

Asked if they would fight for their nation in the event of war, only 15.3 percent of Japanese said yes, compared with 57.7 percent of Americans and 74.2 percent of Chinese.

By age, 9.5 percent of Japanese under 30 said they would be willing to fight, as did 20.3 percent of pollees older than 50.

In case you think that the newspaper is outraged by that, I should note that the article is a part of series, which aims at preserving the pacifist nature of Japan. Many papers, TV and radio stations quietly support China and South Korea (which was very obvious under the short-lived government of Ichiro Ozawa’s Democratic Party).

It is painful to watch the official Japanese TV channels (ran by their broadcast giant NHK). The format is dominated by repetitive shows, which include many people gathered in a large hall, sitting around a large table and discussing insignificant or even ridiculous issues. They include current celebrities, has-been celebrities and even wannabe celebrities. Even the world-famous Japanese actor and film director Takeshi Kitano has such a show. The participants often go on field trips to visit restaurants or strange places and their adventures are played to the participants in the studio, with a tiny insert in the upper corner of the screen showing in sequence their faces and reactions. Trannies are part of some of those shows – a fat tranny at a show I saw a couple of weeks ago ate over 20 pancakes while he was testing different brands of syrups.

In another show a group from the studio (which included a transvestite) visited a mosque in Tokyo. When they entered, a girl in the group, along with the tranny, had to cover their heads (that was bizarre because the tranny was a man). Then they listened for a while to the wailing of the Turkish imam and in the end clapped appreciatively in a typical Japanese manner. The comments explained that the mosque has been built by Turkey and the country even imported the construction materials. The adventure didn’t bring any sensible comments from the studio crowd, other than the remark of a cute airhead that she had never seen such a beautifully decorated building.

At such shows, which are supposed to be funny, there is no place for two unfortunate guys captured and about to be beheaded by Muslim savages. That ruins the official narrative – we are such nice people, who haven’t fought for 70 years, how could they kill some of us? The situation was noted in the press (though in a Canadian article, h/t BCF):

Images or mentions of knives, ransom or blood — or anything else that can be seen alluding to the hostage crisis involving two Japanese in Syria — have been omitted. Some anime and other entertainment programs are altering, cancelling or postponing episodes violating those sensitivities — typical of the kind of self-restraint shown here to avoid controversy.

The worst point in that wilful blindness is that similar events have happened before, like the capture of the three Japanese hostages early in the Iraq war (they managed to get out alive) and the murder of another Japanese “tourist” hostage in Iraq a few years later.

As I already mentioned, Islam is advancing on Japanese territory as well – though the number of Muslims moving in is miniscule by the Western standards, they use the gullibility of the Japanese (especially girls) to spread their poisonous cult. Those are owners of small halal restaurants or stands, construction workers, etc., and with them inevitably arrive the mosques and their imams.


Turkish halal food stand on the site of the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo


Not everything is lost – Russian stand in the same area with food and Stolichnaya vodka

Although not that many (again, according to the Western standards), the Japanese Muslim converts are even more fanatical and repulsive than the original Muslims. When the current hostage crisis broke out in January, the Japanese mainstream media dug out an exceptionally disgusting creep – Prof. Ko Nakata, a Japanese Muslim convert and “Islamic law scholar,” who boasted that he could get the hostages alive from the ISIS territory, because many of their commanders are his personal friends.


Ko Nakata – Japan’s contribution to Muslim terrorism

He gave a press conference, where he explained his plan (you can find it on YouTube, I am not providing him with a link). He showed up with his lawyer, who explained Nakata’s situation. He was under investigation for arranging the trip of Japanese students to Syria to fight for ISIS. Nakata was also charged with starting a “private war” on behalf of terrorists. Before the situation got too hot in Syria, he was going to visit it in order to participate in a sharia trial against a Japanese captured by ISIS (the fighting stopped him). He lectured the media that Japan wouldn’t have been in that trouble, had Prime Minister Shinzo Abe skipped the visit to Israel during his Middle East tour.

Even in the pro-Islamist England such a Muslim piece of garbage that openly admits his links with terrorism would’ve been behind bars long time ago. Yet all that is not enough for the Japanese government to take action.

The pro-Muslim conspiracy nuts went even further, declaring the Prime Minister of Japan and the hostages closet Jews working for Mossad:

Clearly, then, the premise, here, is true that these men are not merely spies and government moles but are also arch-Zionist agents. Abe was just there coincidentally. “Abe”, with the supposed hostage, “Haruna,” that is Japanese “Aaron?” Hmm.

Abe was in Zionist-controlled and -run Egypt with the Israeli butcher al-Sisi, and then when to visit that other arch-war criminal, Netanyahu? Then, suddenly, the hostages are shown on TV with threats of great debauchery? Who finds this even remotely believable?

The poor preparedness of the government to face the Muslim threat is not new; it is a chronic problem. You may remember the Satanic Verses affair – when Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa calling for the murder of Salman Rushdie, the author of the “blasphemous” novel. The world-renowned Muslim expert on baby and goat sex put the lives of many people in peril. One of his victims was the Japanese translator of the novel – Hitoshi Igarashi – who was knifed to death in the university town of Tsukuba, where he lived.

A couple of years ago I interviewed the Police Commissioner of Tsukuba about the terrorist murder. He told me that the police worked hard on the case, but couldn’t do much, because they had very few clues. The method of murder, by slashing the throat, wasn’t customary in Japan – many of the murders there are committed with knives (the gun control is strict), but it is always done by stabbing. The throat wound signified Muslim involvement. Eventually the case had to be closed unsolved for lack of further evidence. When I asked him, if there are similar Muslim problems now, he replied that they have areas where compact groups of Muslim workers live (Japan doesn’t accept refugees), but the police don’t have the resources to watch what they do, so little is known about them.

It is difficult to eliminate the feeling of guilt that has been ingrained deliberately into the Japanese mind after the war, especially when Japan’s economic competitors – China and South Korea – try to keep it alive by inventing more and more (often baseless) accusations about the country’s past. However, Japan has a major advantage – unlike Western Europe and North America, where the rejection of their own culture has resulted in the mass spread of Third World savagery, Japan has still preserved most of its values and is reluctant to let the Muslim hordes in.


Japanese visit the Yasukuni Shrine for the New Year


Even more visitors

yasukuni-shrine-january-2015-3Just like in Western Europe, many in Japan are determined to resurrect nationalism, which will restore the dignity of its people and give purpose to the lives of millions. That is important especially now, when China gradually becomes the local imperialist power, which after the genocide in Tibet, is ready to expand its tentacles over Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, and even Japan.

The new chaotic world requires bolder actions, without which it would be difficult to survive.

© 2015

Mark Steyn on Guns, Islam, Kid Sexualisation and How to Save the West



Earlier this week Mark Steyn visited Toronto and made a few public appearances to promote his new book The Undocumented Mark Steyn. One of the events took place at a Chapters-Indigo bookstore, where he was interviewed and then signed copies of the book. The turnout, as it could be expected, was very high and the place could barely accommodate the scores of people interested in what he had to say. And as it could be expected (again), the mainstream media didn’t show a burning desire to cover his presentation. The latter was discussed and analyzed in details by a few bloggers, who share his views (like End of Your Arm, Eye on a Crazy Planet, and Scaramouche).


Steyn signs a book

I provided below a recording of the interview, because, regardless of how skilled the writers are, written words simply can’t convey Steyn’s unique way of communication enriched by quick wit and sarcasm, which could be fully appreciated only when one listens to him live.

This article has a much more modest goal – to bring attention to the values clash or rather the value disarray that dominates the Western societies, a situation, which became painfully obvious during the event. Steyn was interviewed by Heather Reisman, the CEO of the bookstore chain, and that made me hesitate to the last minute whether I should go or not.

Such book events are usually under a tight control and extremely boring. Like the book reading at the conference on teaching “gender identities” (all nine of them) to kids organized by OISE and TDSB that I attended last year – it ended with readings by three homosexual authors, who tortured the audience with their dreadful screeds and everybody had to take it, lest he be banished to the bottom of the homophobic black list. Or last November’s presentation of Justin Trudeau’s “memoirs” at the Toronto Public Library, in which his collective of authors tried very hard to present the trust fund brat as a vulnerable child with complicated childhood. Questioning that premise would’ve resulted in being thorn into pieces by his army of potheads and aging downtown cougars with a crush on him, who dominated the audience.

I have seen Ms. Reisman in action back in 2006; that year she held a similar event at the same store when Leonard Cohen and Anjani were promoting The Book of Longing. Since the greatest Canadian poet is not a known political junkie, she was able to keep everything within the limits of a boring literary event. Mark Steyn is a completely different creature and dealing with him wasn’t something Ms. Reisman was prepared to do.

The “chief booklover” (as she described herself at both the Cohen and the Steyn events) was willing to keep everything safe. You may notice that the recording doesn’t start from the beginning – Steyn arrived heavily guarded by his security, which tells you enough about how “safe” the topics he covers are (Cohen didn’t need such security), Ms. Resiman went into safe territory by asking Steyn to read from a column dealing with last-minute Christmas shopping. Though witty and humorous, it was a far cry from Steyn’s main field of interest, which made him famous.

When she ventured into the political topics, starting from the welfare dependency, things went out of control into a head-on clash. Now, I don’t want to say that Ms. Reisman is an evil or malicious person. I am sure that she is genuinely concerned about numerous social issues, but she would’ve been better off to keep her solutions to herself, instead of arguing with one of the kings of social sarcasm. As her views expressed during the interview revealed, a person of her stature (she and her husband Gerry Schwartz are reportedly worth about $2 billion) has a limited touch with the everyday reality, excluding her business, and her source of human touch are probably her chauffeur, employees and the army of solicitors, who want money for their “charities.” None of those people has even the slightest interest in telling her what is going on in the world.

Despite her attempt, Reisman couldn’t keep the conversation within safe boundaries, because when Mark Steyn saw the opening, he attacked with the might of a tank storming a hippy compound. To illustrate the absurdity of the dependence culture, he gave an example with a small Indian town (or maybe reserve) up north, which was suffering alcoholism, gas sniffing, hopelessness and violence that the Indians inflicted on each other. The Canadian authorities “wisely” decided to solve the problem by relocating the Indians to a better location. After spending millions of dollars, at the new place the inhabitants continued with the same alcoholism, gas sniffing and violence. The problem was not caused by lack of money – it was due to giving money to people to do nothing. Steyn had an original solution – let’s put all those Indians in an expensive Toronto hotel, like King Edward’s, at a full price and let them have all expensive booze in the rooms and any room service they want (that would still be cheaper than the money spent on moving them). However, in that situation there is a remote possibility that after all that eating and drinking at least one Indian could get bored and may leave the hotel to join the rest of Toronto and become a productive citizen.

Ms. Reisman didn’t like the plan very much and could anybody blame her for it? I am sure she has never seen an Indian in his natural habitat and all of her knowledge comes from the cowardly Canadian press, which routinely describes Indians as perpetual victims who could do no wrong. Mark Steyn is a major exception. (That part of the talk reminded me of Maclean’s Magazine. Not only did it publish years ago Steyn’s warnings about the Muslim invasion, but it also went to fight for him after the anti-Semites from the Canadian Islamic Congress tried to destroy him through the human rights commissions. And the same magazine, just a few weeks ago came up with a slanderous article declaring Winnipeg Canada’s most racist city. Everybody who has ever visited that city, unless he is a die-hard lefty, can testify that after decades of generosity provided by the Ministry of Indian Affairs and the Manitoba socialist government, the only result are the hordes of scary alcoholics and junkies who roam it and make it look like a prairie edition of The Walking Dead. Trying to survive among them is not racism, otherwise you may end up in the river like the poor Indian girl, assaulted by her fellow Winnipeg Indians.)

However, that didn’t deter Ms. Reisman from spewing her buzzwords about how we need to find a way to keep welfare as a springboard or safety net. She was convinced that most people want to work and don’t like dependence. Naturally, Steyn shot back with another example from the grim reality of dependence, which he knows so well.

He spoke about the Connecticut town, where he lives, which started as a mill town. The first people showed up there in the 18th century, reclaiming the land from the forest. For many decades its people worked hard, mostly in the mills and the farms. Then the industries and the farming gradually disappeared and all that remained was “Ben and Jerry,” the aging hippies, and people who depend on the government for handouts. When in the 1990’s the disability act was introduced, that was seen as a sign of social justice. Today more than 20 million people are on disability. The culture of dependency creates an alliance of the bureaucracy that provides the handouts and the beneficiaries, and the whole scheme perpetuates itself.

Ms. Reisman stated that they should agree to disagree and jumped to another topic, which revealed in a painful way her detachment from the everyday life in Toronto. It was about the infamous “mosqueteria” – the use of the cafeteria at a public school in Toronto for Muslim prayers. When she read that chapter in the book, she didn’t believe it, so she had to do her own research.

(Side note – that was the first instance when the audience reacted through comments and jeering. Unlike the usual literary crowd, Mark Steyn’s fans are people who follow closely the political events and are not afraid to express immediately their opinions. Such an audience was another thing Ms. Reisman wasn’t prepared for.)

After the people calmed down, Steyn patiently explained to her that this was an arrangement made to accommodate Muslims, who wanted to pray on Friday, but would be inconvenienced to go to the mosque. The whole thing went on for months without reaction, until the blogger Blazingcatfur made the story public. The mainstream media tried to ignore the story, but eventually stole it from him. The disturbing part was the segregation imposed at a public school – during the prayer the boys were placed in front of the room, with the girls behind them and the menstruating girls banished to the back end. And this happened in a secular school, many years after Christianity was kicked out of the education system. That segregation was particularly damaging to girls, who found themselves in a free country with the expectation to be equal, only to be placed in a humiliating situation by the imams and their parents, just like in their old countries.

That didn’t discourage Ms. Reisman from attempting to defend Muslim mysoginism – she countered with the statement that nobody was required to attend those prayers and the school wasn’t teaching religion, it was allowing the use of space. (Another growl from the audience… Those elitists don’t get it, do they?)

But it got even worse – she continued with the point that such occurrences force us to think about the necessity of a dialogue: we need to understand what constitutes acceptance and on the other hand how to deal with racism and Islamophobia, how do we navigate that? We don’t want to lose the value of openness and giving up the rights of women. (Yes, she actually used the ridiculous term “Islamophobia” designed to suffocate criticism of Islam and its horrible effects on our civilization.)

Refuting her arguments, Steyn made the brilliant remark that a too tolerant society that is so tolerant that it tolerates the intolerant signs its death warrant. Unfortunately, that doesn’t occur immediately; it happens gradually so few notice it. Then he served another dose of reality – in Holland they don’t want to teach the Holocaust because it may be offensive to some; the next step, like in Denmark, is to stop accepting Jewish students for the sake of their own safety, then in France Jews are required to change their names for the same reasons. This is diversity brought to absurd. And it’s all done by bureaucrats. When in Canada the Parliament was attacked by a Muslim convert terrorist, the police who responded had to be interrupted from a diversity session they were holding with members of the Muslim community. It was an illustration of the twilight of the West and its values.

Then the conversation drifted off to the politicians, who are aware of those problems; the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack; the Muslim countries before the end of the cold war (where few people were interested in Islam until the rich foundations of Saudi Arabia and Iran stepped in); and the wicked Muslim regime in Saudi Arabia. (You can listen to this in the recording.)

The next clash occurred when Ms. Reisman ventured into the gun rights territory. Predictably, she said that in Canada we are better off since we have fewer guns and we don’t even need many types of them, like semi-automatic weapons. She also added that only trained people, trained in security, should be allowed to have guns.

Steyn shot back, after noting that he is not an excessive gun enthusiast, that many people need weapons for self-defence, especially with the dismal record of the police in the Western society, who are never available when something dangerous happens. In the case of Charlie Hebdo, they had two police officers present, yet they didn’t shoot the terrorists; the victims would’ve survived, if they were armed. You can’t just take away those rights when Jews are beaten up in France and free speech activists like Lars Hedegaard from Denmark are attacked by armed Muslims in their homes.

Then Ms. Reisman countered with the statement that even in a country like Israel, which is under constant threat, only the security personnel is armed. That showed once again that she doesn’t go out much even when she is in Israel. If you walk the streets for a few days there and visit enough regular places, you can’t help but notice that many civilians are armed. Even several of the rabbis in a yeshiva we visited there had guns.

Finally, the event moved to the Q&A session, and as you could expect, Steyn’s rapport with the audience was much better – they knew his work; they knew the events happening around them, just like Steyn did.

The audience was interested in Ezra Levant’s recent libel trial. (In his response Steyn made a lawyer’s joke, incorporating the court experience of Conrad Black, who was among the people who came to hear Steyn.) On the issue of the immigration to the USA he commented that what is happening in the southern states is simply moving the Mexican border north.

A deep question, which required a long answer, was about the values: since Steyn was concerned about the decline of the Western values and thought that we have to change our culture to uphold them, what is the best way to go about that?

Steyn gave a remarkably sensible answer, which was obvious, but few of the “elites” would consider. You change the culture each and every day in your everyday life, through little things. Steyn said that he was not a fan of the cultural relativism, and gave an example with the new curriculum for sex education in Ontario, which is going to teach 6-year old children the nature of consent in sex. A child of that age doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand the intimacy of the sexual relationship.

Here Ms. Resiman interrupted him to show again how little she knows about the problems facing people in Ontario. She was sincerely surprised that such discussion was going on in the province; she didn’t know anything about it; was it about inappropriate touching? That was followed by another round of laughter and jeers from the audience.

Steyn calmly continued that, no, it was not about touching, it is about actual consent to have sex. That is sexualisation of childhood. When faced with such a problem, many people say – it’s the school board, what can we do? You can do something and oppose that, otherwise you shouldn’t be surprised when you elect politicians and nothing happens. If you let different low levels of the government pull off that stuff, don’t be surprised, if it reaches the federal government. You must be able to do those little things every day, and you should do it for your 6-year old kid who is being sexualized by bureaucrats. People can do anything they want in their sex lives, but that becomes a problem when they do it with 6 or 7 year old kids. If you don’t push back at such level, nothing in the federal government would matter.

Ms. Reisman managed again to make an out-of-place remark: she expected him to address bigger cultural issues that mattered (like the homosexual rights), though what Steyn covered also had some merit. By now, I don’t need to tell you what the audience’s reaction was.

In the end Steyn moved to the final stage of the event – signing books. So did Lord Black, who quickly became a centre of attention of his own and was swarmed by people willing to sign their copies of his book about the history of Canada.


Conrad Black at the event

Though it was a pleasant experience to meet such a provocative thinker like Mark Steyn, the experience with Heather Reisman was far from pleasant. She belongs to the group with big money, which makes the big political donations. With her blissful ignorance about the everyday problems of the little people, the money probably goes to equally ignorant politicians. Maybe that’s the main reason why nowadays Queen’s Park is occupied by a bunch of ignorant crooks, led by an equally deceptive Premier, whose only qualification for the post is that she is lesbian.

It seems to me that the “chief booklover” reads the wrong books.

© 2015

The Simpsons in Auschwitz



Today is the worldwide Holocaust Remembrance Day. On this day in 1945 soldiers of the Soviet Army entered for the first time the German concentration camp Auschwitz to be faced with the horrific picture of the survivors of Nazi violence. From that day on, the truth about what happened in those camps (which nobody wanted to take seriously) started its slow march into the hearts and the minds of millions of people.

During the seventy years that followed, every imaginable topic of the Holocaust has been covered from every conceivable position. We have seen documentaries and read testimonies of survivors; there have been others, who tried vigorously to belittle that catastrophe or to completely deny it or even worse – to exploit the Holocaust halo in “promoting” events whose impact is incomparable with the campaign to exterminate the Jews. It is hard to add anything that hasn’t been said before.

What’s even worse, many people are getting desensitized to those events – they see them as something that has happened long time ago, which has no effect on the life today.

Rarely can you see a point of view or interpretation that could shake up the long-established narrative and force us to see things differently. I would like to share such experience. A few days ago, while reading the Android app edition of the Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, I came across an article about the controversial art of the Italian artist Alexsandro Palombo. He creates stir by drawing well-known cartoon characters in situations and environments that are often unusual or shocking.

The latest controversy involved the Simpsons family from the TV cartoon series. As you can see in the two drawings (published in the article) Palombo placed Homer and Marge, along with their children, in a Nazi concentration camp. I admit that initially I found the drawings too weird and over the top. Yet I kept going back to them – there was something dark and haunting in those images.

simpsons-in-auschwitz-1simpsons-in-auschwitz-2“The Simpsons” is a satirical show. It uses laughter, jokes and ridicule to tackle many serious social issues and problems. Still, the laughter is its main power – just watching Bart or Homer could bring laughter from almost everybody.

Yet when Palombo places those characters in the concentration camp, the laughter disappears and all that remains are five frightened people locked in the horror of hopelessness. He helps us see that horror anew, with intensity that destroys our routine way of thinking about the Holocaust.

After seeing that, even more haunting is the question that comes up time after time: Could this happen again?

We all have heard the phrase “Never Again,” which is supposed to show resolve and decisiveness in preventing anything like the Holocaust from happening again, but too many people are giving just lip service to that promise while failing to take any practical steps. Even in the times of Hitler, most writers and politicians missed the signs of looming disaster either because of naiveté or due to wilful blindness.

In 1938 the anti-Semitic propaganda in Germany dominated the country; the school kids were indoctrinated by books like “The Poisonous Mushroom” by Ernst Hiemer. It gives tips on how to spot Jews and explains the horrible deeds that they do to children. The book is so virulently anti-Semitic that I will probably be accused of anti-Semitism, if I quote it here. Nobody seemed to notice the rampant Jew-hatred, but they noticed the refined tastes of Adolf Hitler.

In the November issue for 1938 of the British magazine Homes and Gardens, we can read an article about Hitler’s mountain home, in the spirit of the “lifestyles of the rich and famous,” where the author can hardly hide his fascination:

“Every morning at nine he goes out for a talk with his gardeners about their day’s work. These men, like the chauffeur and air-pilot, are not so much servants as loyal friends. A life-long vegetarian at table, Hitler’s kitchen plots are both varied and heavy in produce. Even in his meatless diet Hitler is something of a gourmet – as Sir John Simon and Mr. Anthony Eden were surprised to note when they dined with him in the Presidial Palace in Berlin. His Bavarian chef, Herr Kannenberg, contrives an imposing array of vegetarian dishes, savoury and rich, pleasing to the eye as well as to the palate, and all conforming to the dietic standards which Hitler exacts. But at Haus Wachenfeld he keeps a generous table for guests of normal tastes. Here bons viveurs like Field-Marshalls Goering and von Blomberg, and Joachim von Ribbentrop will forgather at dinner. Elaborate dishes like Caneton a la presse and truite saumonée a la Monseignor will then be served, with fine wines and liqueurs of von Ribbentrop’s expert choosing. Cigars and cigarettes are duly lighted at this terrace feast – though Hitler himself never smokes, nor does he take alcohol in any form.”

Herr Hitler the vegetarian and his chaps are truly nice and sophisticated people; they surely will take a good care of Czechoslovakia!

It was easier to be fooled by the Nazis at the time – Hitler was also a connoisseur of classical music, the Wagner festival in Bayreuth had never received more attention than when he was in power. The Auschwitz “angel of death” – Dr. Josef Mengele – was an accomplished violin player.

Nobody suspected (or didn’t want to see) what those people were doing in the rest of their time. Pondering those difficult questions, Hannah Arendt came up with the term “banality of evil,” after observing one of the architects of the Holocaust – Adolf Eichmann – during his trial in Israel. Leonard Cohen managed to express that concept vividly in a short poem (All There is to Know About Adolph Eichmann):

What did you expect?
Oversize incisors?
Green saliva?

(From “Selected Poems, 1956-1968” by Leonard Cohen, published by Bantam Books, 1971.)

Fast-forward to 2015. The promise of “Never Again” looks shakier than ever. The Jews in Western Europe are subjected to persecution, scorn and murders unseen since World War II. This time the enemy is easier to spot. The enemy doesn’t hide behind high musical tastes and gourmet vegetarian food; they don’t promote the worker-friendly program of Hitler’s National Socialist Workers’ Party of Germany.

Instead of Caneton a la presse, the new enemy gulps down shawarma and cheap kabobs. They don’t hide that they hate not only classical music, but also everything created by the West (while lying at the same time that they invented almost everything valuable).

They don’t pretend to bring better social programs – they honestly admit that all they want to introduce is a barbaric medieval law called sharia, which plans to make slaves of all of us.

The enemy is Islam (Islam as a political doctrine, not the Muslims themselves, many of them want to get away from that cult, which is harmful to many of them as well). Yet once again the media and politicians are blind, which is much more difficult to accomplish today. The Nazis committed most of their atrocities in camps hidden from human eyes. The Muslims openly attack and kill infidels in the streets of the big Western cities and proudly broadcast the beheadings and any other atrocities they commit.

Still, all we hear from journalists and politicians (with rare exceptions) is that the barbarism has nothing to do with Islam and if we bring more or those savages to the West, our lives will be greatly enriched.

We can’t afford to be wrong again…

© 2015


Je Suis Charlie… or Probably Not



Several weeks have already passed from the horrific Muslim terrorist attack against the staff of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Yet the event, which was initially branded the French 9/11, was quickly sanitized by the European media and the hapless politicians of the European Union and turned into a wishy-washy fest of imaginary multicultural tolerance, from which the only lesson they could derive was that only the empathic acceptance of every culture (no matter how bizarre its nature is) could assure the social harmony.

For starters, every justice defender headed toward the most powerful weapon for making social change and fighting injustice – Twitter. Passionate do-gooders came up with a new “powerful” hashtag – #JeSuisCharlie – to fight the terror. Typing feverishly on their iPhones and computers from the comfort of their warm rooms, the new warriors spread hundreds of thousands of useless 140-letter messages “confronting” the extremist evil.


Wrong: Old Mo never forgives

Twitter is a symptom of the deterioration of our civilization – created as a tool to write short messages, it was quickly appropriated by the social cowards, who are too dumb to engage in a detailed discussion or too scared to face a danger face to face, but still can feel morally superiority over the rest of us because they retweet the right hashtag. They do all that while the Muslim barbarians are killing thousands of Christians and other people they don’t like. Should bringing Twitter awareness to the Muslim world be the next EU project? (Do you remember the hashtag campaign to free the kidnapped Nigerian girls, in which even Mouchelle Obama took part? It surely terrified Boko Haram… not).

At the same time, almost none of the mainstream media outlets re-published Old Mo’s cartoons from Charlie Hebdo. They gave a variety of reasons for having cold feet, from respect for Islam to artistic reasons (seeing the drawings as tasteless), but the sad truth was that they were scared shitless of the Muslim savages, who could go after them with automatic weapons, instead of registering their indignation in 140-letter messages with the correct hashtags.

Another farcical element of the “resistance against extremism” was the demonstration led by the world leaders in Paris. It turned out that the only honest guy, who didn’t want to participate in that farce, was Barry Obama, who preferred to play golf with his sweetheart Reggie Love. And (unintentionally) he was right – nothing came out of that theatrical event. Leaders like Hollande and Merkel kept insisting that the Paris massacre, committed under the battle cry “Allahu Akbar,” had nothing to do with Islam. They preferred to keep their eyes closed until the next attack. The fact that they invited among them the old PLO terrorist Mahmoud Abbas speaks for itself – his organization and “government” are still actively involved in terrorism against Israel. At the same time they felt uneasy having Netanyahu at the event, even though Israel is the only country actively and consistently fighting terrorism in the Middle East.

The always helpful media presented the leaders as leading a massive demonstration of hundreds of thousands of people. The photos published everywhere didn’t leave any doubt about that.

The wise elders lead the masses

The wise elders lead the masses

However, other pictures, though not so widely promoted, showed that from a different angle the march didn’t look that epic at all.


A crowd of fearful “leaders”

That picture is much more believable – a row of statesmen (and the occasional stateswoman) followed by a modest crowd. I bet you that everyone in the crowd is somehow employed in the personal security business or is from the police and the whole photo-op was on a street, where the traffic had been stopped hours in advance and every window of every apartment secured. Nothing displays better the animal fear of Europe’s elites than this charade – the people, who are supposed to fight the Muslim danger, on one hand vigorously deny its existence, but on the other hand still take all necessary precautions during their demonstration of fake courage.

Unlike the cowards, who lead Europe, the journalists of Charlie Hebdo had neither the finances nor the desire to protect themselves from an attack. It has already been written a lot about their courage to confront and ridicule any social and political issue; many have noted the fact that the magazine was an equal-opportunity offender.

I have no problem with that, but when you verbally attack everything with the idea that there is nothing sacred worth defending, except the right to attack and ridicule, you often destroy the society and its ability to defend your right to attack. The reproductions of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons floating in the internet paint a curious picture of the magazine’s positions.

Charlie Hebdo is unapologetically leftist and that’s not unique among the satirists, but they go one step further by daring to make fun of Islam, which is a line the normal lefties won’t cross – after all, Islam is their imaginary ally in the fight against the world imperialism. However, the way they ridicule Islam – by just depicting the “prophet” – is very mild compared to what they say about the other religions. Here is a view on Judaism:

arton13971-4425bThis isn’t like the naked Mo, right? A cartoon like this could fit in any Muslim anti-Semitic publication. The context is not clear, but I could hardly see anything more offensive than showing an Orthodox Jew embraced in almost erotic hug and kiss with an SS officer at the entrance of Auschwitz (as the concentration camp’s logo – “Arbeit macht frei” – shows).

Christianity doesn’t get away easy, either. In a disgusting cartoon ridiculing the Holy Trinity our brave satirists depict the God Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit engaged in a homosexual threesome.

charlie-hebdoNo matter how offensive the image is, one thing is clear – Christians won’t go on a killing spree over the cartoon. Through its more than 2,000 years of history, Christianity has been through much worse than a few blasphemous cartoons by anarchist lefties and it still has survived. The problems begin when those lefties try to push Christianity out of the society whose moral foundations it helped establish.

I am not sure what the moral views of Charlie Hebdo are, other than the desire to eliminate morality. The reality is that people can’t live without some guiding principles in their everyday life. When you destroy the foundations of a civilization and people feel lost, the most violent and pushy doctrines fill the vacuum. In Charlie Hebdo’s world concepts as homeland, nation, and patriotism are dirty words. If the magazine’s position is taken seriously, people will lose their will to resist the well-organized Muslim menace, which is sweeping Europe.

The leftist positions of the magazine were clearly expressed in their fight on behalf of the socialist candidate Francois Hollande during the last presidential election in France. In a series about the ten reasons why Sarkozy must be defeated, they opposed his “austerity” plans:
CH-Affichette-Cabu-30x40They didn’t forget to attack Marine Le Pen – showing her as the Gorgon Medusa whom for some strange reason Sarkozy may appoint a minister of the environment. And we are expected to believe that she would destroy that environment (as opposed to the green socialist schemes, which are the real disaster).

CH-Affichette-Cabu-30x40And after Hollande won, Charlie Hebdo put him on the cover engaged in the highly humane activity of grinding Sarkozy’s head. Never mind that Hollande turned out to be one of the most unpopular socialist presidents of France (and most of them are socialists). In his half-assed attempts to save the dying welfare state and its main beneficiaries, the parasitic trade unions, he failed miserably and even his own supporters were upset with him.

ch1038In that imaginary socialist world Charlie Hebdo miscalculated the Muslims, seeing them as easy-going victims of the evil state. In the series against Sarkozy, they didn’t miss the chance to mock his immigration policies, which supposedly targeted unfairly the Muslims (I wish the statement were true, Sarkozy should’ve stopped Muslim immigration).

CH-Affichette-Cabu-30x40This cartoon deserves a separate post, because it was drawn by none other but Georges Wolinski, one of the victims of the Muslim terrorist attack against the magazine. As you can see, Monsieur Wolinski had no problem with admitting backward fanatical Muslims into France – and the consequences of that policy are already painfully visible.

And in case you thought that the staff of Charlie Hebdo saw the danger of Islam, you will be quickly disproved by cartoons expressing their bland and widely-held position of the average Western coward that the terrorist crimes of Islam have nothing to do with Islam.
BzDJBUoIEAEXGluIt’s all ISIS’s fault – the pure Islam has nothing to do with the atrocities. They would behead even their “prophet” despite his protests and the only reaction is that he is asked to shut up. I am not sure if the cartoonists believed their own crap, but it is hard to avoid the fact, after observing their activities, that they go out of their way to make sure everything complies with the original pure form of Islam. Old Mo’s cult started as a brutal gang, which exterminated and beheaded any opponents, who thought he was out of his mind.

The position on Islam is curiously shared by the “rebellious” Charlie Hebdo and the cowardly European politicians – although we are faced with a vicious enemy, which tries to destroy us, both of them are simply not willing to name it, let alone start a fight against it.

But the resemblance ends here – unlike the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, the politicians are well-equipped to protect themselves (with our own money). The cartoonists are not – and they ended up with Muslim bullets in their bodies.

Despite the importance of the free speech issue, it is difficult to feel compassion for those who want to exercise it, but feel obligated to undermine the very society, which guarantees that right, and ridicule and mock those, who confront the forces (like Islam) which want to turn our world into a sharia-compliant hell with no place for Charlie Hebdo’s satire.

Sorry, Charlie, but I am not you…

© 2015


The Ontario Government and the Wind Energy Cover Up – a Movie Presentation




The Canadian Patriotic Society is proud to invite you to the community screening of a 2014 documentary “Down Wind” at Agincourt Public Library (155 Bonis Ave, Kennedy & Sheppard) in Scarborough on Tuesday, January 20th from 7 to 9:30 pm. The event is free for students and $10 for the general public. Please see attached flyer for more details. Here is the official trailer for the documentary:

“Down Wind” uncovers the devastating real life consequences on Ontarians especially those living in rural communities suffering from Wind Turbine Syndrome, having their homes and land devalued, and their very way of life threatened if not altogether destroyed.  It also examines the economic ill effects of wind turbine mega projects that drive Ontario’s manufacturing sector out of province.

You will also learn about the uphill struggle of people in rural Ontario now banding together to push back against the government’s draconian measures, high powered Bay street lawyers and wind turbine corporations.

After the screening, two activists, Sherri Lange (CEO, North American Platform Against Wind Power) and Jessica Annis (President, Toronto Landowners Association) will speak and respond to questions from the audience.

Wind Turbine Questions:
* Why does Ontario have the highest energy costs in all of North America due to wind turbines?
* Why were the research results and expert advice against the turbines not taken into account?
* How can the Provincial government legally impose the Green Energy Act that supersedes 21 acts at local municipal level? Don’t we live in democracy?
* Is Wind Energy really green?

The Canadian Patriotic Society ( is a grassroots Scarborough group which stands for genuinely conservative values including smaller government, personal responsibility, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, individual human rights and rule of law.

We hope you can attend this event. Please spread the word.


Shobhna Kapoor, Founder
Canadian Patriotic Society


Temples and Deer in the Ancient Capital of Japan



A few days ago we visited Nara, an old city, which in 8th century was the capital of Japan. The pictures show our visit to the famous Todaiji Temple. This is a Buddhist temple erected in the 8th century, best known for two things – that it is the world’s largest wooden building and for its giant statue of Buddha. The temple complex occupies a large territory and includes a monastery.

However, the most interesting part of the temple complex is the deer that live there. According to the traditional Japanese beliefs, the deer are messengers of the gods (I guess that is similar to the status of the cow in India). They are allowed to roam free in what is known as a deer park, but actually you can see them in many other parts of the city.

They are quite friendly and curious animals, which are not afraid to approach people and enjoy attention. Another reason for their curiosity is food – they beg shamelessly for it and follow anybody, who could give it to them. Street vendors (mostly old women) sell packs of large rice crackers, which the deer love, for 150 yen (about $1.50). Once you buy a pack, you are almost instantly surrounded by a large group of deer and each one wants a piece. After the pack is eaten, they don’t leave immediately – some try to chew your coat or scarf or even break your plastic bag looking for food. The most impatient of them (especially males) start to bump you lightly with their heads.


A deer communicates with a tourist


Deer roaming the park


Waiting for attention


The rice crackers bring in the deer crowd


In front of the temple gates


The main building of the Todaiji Temple


Approaching the temple


The giant statue of Buddha


Another big statue


Buddha’s hand


Only a person without sins (or too skinny) could pass through that hole


That’s one ugly guy

© 2015

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